As of Late…

3 Snow Days in a row; Sex & The City marathons; Bliss Foaming Face Wash; taking on new projects; catching up on blogs; catching up with friends; reassessing; trying my hand and making a Cuban-themed dinner – I’d give it a B; weekends with the boy; too much time on the internet; shoveling; reading; laughing; green eyeliner; red nail polish trial; red nail polish error; randomly bumping into people I haven’t seen in yeeeeears; looking forward to spring; blue suede booties; contemplating a hair change of sorts; plotting a getaway sometime in the near future.

What y’all been up to lately?

2 thoughts on “As of Late…

  1. hiking, fussing with ole lady over who knows what, making up, taking pictures, checking this site DAILY *my secret addiction*, fussing with daughter over who knows what, making up, taking classes to get me further to becoming a alcohol and substance abuse counselor, fussing with son over who knows what, making up, training for Great Aloha Run, getting older (Feb. 1 I turned 38 when I didn’t expect to see 21), changing (for the better?!?), watching way too many “criminal minds” marathons because I am starting to suspect my new neighbor is wanted or a fugitive or a psychotic killer… O_o

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