A Little Patience.


I remember it well.  The time: December 2010.  The place: My desk.

I wrote this letter to Santa referencing the above photo asking him for a new iPod.  Mine was old, out of date, and out of room for new music.  I didn’t complain, for I loved my iPod.  It went with me everywhere and jammed on the one.

But I felt I was due for an upgrade, so I asked.  We have not because we ask not, right?


Santa left me hanging last Christmas.  I chalked it up to him being short-staffed.  Prolly laid off a few elves and, as a result, some of us fell through the cracks.

It’s cool.  I wasn’t bitter.  I just kept my lil’ iPod and kept on steppin.

Little did I know, Santa didn’t forget about me.  As I mentioned in my last post, Apple had a recall on my generation of iPods (circa 2005).  I sent mine back… and they sent me…


It got it in the mail on Tuesday.  Shout out to Apple for sending me this new Nano with no prompting and at no charge.  I am definitely a satisfied customer.

…But I know who’s really behind this.

*high fives Santa*

Ohhhh, you!

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