No surprises here; this blog is an outlet for me to write about the many things I think about or care to share with the masses.  I’ve been blogging since ’04.  I like to consider myself one of the OG Bloggers. :) A lover of God, music, magazines, books, media arts, writing, health, & beauty. Introvert,  yet sociable. Windy City native. Not easily impressed. Very easily amused. Enjoying my life & the people in it.

I’ve been asked a couple of times why I use a double ‘N’ in my screen name, “Brownngirl.”  There’s a pretty simple explanation for that – typically, Browngirl with one ‘N’ is almost always taken. So, since my real name has a double ‘N’ in it anyway, I decided to just run with that.  I like to think it differentiates me from the rest, ever so slightly. ;)

[I’ll expound on this section a little more as time goes on.]

Want to contact me?  Email: bgirlvonne@gmail.com

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