98 Years Strong.

I remember when I was still in pursuit and on Jan 13th, I sent an email to a Delta [who would eventually become my Spec] wishing her “Happy Founder’s Day.”  To which she responded by berating me for putting the apostrophe in the wrong place.

LOL!  I love her now, but then… this was my face at that email–> O_o

Sad thing is, I STILL get mixed up about where the dang apostrophe goes.  So here goes nothin’…

Happy Founders’ Day, Sorors!  OOO-OOOP!

She’s a Delta.


I was in the Big Easy this weekend attending the 50th Delta Sigma Theta National Convention and it was AWESOME.

For starters, New Orleans sure knows how to make you feel at home.  They had an entire PARADE for us Downtown & in the French Quarter.  Our National President and members of the National Exec Board came through on floats throwing beads.  There were marching bands to boot.  And sorors stepping / strolling between the floats.

And can we talk about how EVER SO DELICIOUS the food is in New Orleans?!?!  I’ve never tasted something that was authentically New Orleans and been like “meh.”  Not a-once.  They make some of THEE most delicious food and tasty deserts down there.  My inner fat-girl was doing a little happy dance every time we went out to eat.

But, back to the topic at hand.

Sitting in the Welcome Ceremony was more powerful for me than I could have ever expected.  My line sister was boo-hooing throughout the entire thing.  Lol!  At first I gave her a little “woo woo woo,” but then, unexpectedly, I became just as emotional and had tears rolling down my cheeks.  See, my journey to Delta was a long one.  It was a big goal that to this day I’m SO glad I continued & followed through with.  For my line sister, #5, the journey was an even longer one.

But, sitting there… with 15,000+ other Sorors… all in white… surrounded by these women who I have studied / admired / respected / aspired to be like… it was overwhelming.  As they all came down the aisle:

Soror Mona Humphries Bailey

Soror Gwendolyn Boyd

Soror Marcia Fudge

Soror (Bishop) Vashti Murphy McKenzie

National President: Soror Cynthia M.A. Butler-McIntyre

For me it was just…

I can barely put it into words…

I was hit with so many feelings of excitement, gratefulness, inspiration, and motivation.  I thought back to how VERY excited I was when I got the call from my chapter that started with: “Brownngirl, we are pleased to inform you…” and I screamed like I had just won the lottery.  How we were told not to tell any of the other girls that we’d made it until we got to our first night/orientation because not everyone made the cut.  How my #5 still texted me a few minutes later with a smiley face; and, with that, I knew she’d made it too… and it made my day even more.  How two women that I consider SHEROES and are big/important people in the TV business (and also sorors) thought enough of me to write letters on my behalf when I submitted my application.  How my line was able to cross the burning sands, in spite of all the drama and close calls. (Lawd!)

I would do it ALL again.

Sitting there… I was just grateful that I was THERE.  I had imagined that moment for years… and finally, I was there.  I was excited when we crossed, but not nearly as emotional as I was in that space at that moment.

Our National President gave such a POWERFUL welcome.  We got some BAD sistas in our camp, lemme tell ya.  Delta women, of all walks of life, are some AWESOME women.

I also got to see our newest Honorary Soror, Daphne Maxwell Reid, get initiated at convention and it was a beautiful thing.  She got choked up, too.

The mission and purpose and sisterhood of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc… and seeing it put into action by it’s members… is what originally attracted me to this particular organization.  How they walk the talk.  Delta is not something I did or wanted to do just for “show.”  So many women throughout my life that I’ve admired?  Delta women.  At my younger brother’s high school graduation, at least 10 girls in his graduating class were getting scholarships from Delta Sigma Theta.  Every.single.time. I say the oath, I am that much more empowered.

I know I sound melodramatic right now, but I don’t talk about this much on my blog, so let me gush one time on this one. :)   I LOOOOOOVVVVVVE my DST!!!!!  ALL DAY!




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