A Holy-Rollin’ Facebook Friend.

I have my fair share of Facebook friends who are Christians. I count myself in that number, actually.  *raises my own hand*

A small portion of those wear their religion on their proverbial e-sleeve, as most of their status updates, I notice, have something to do with God or church or da DEBIL.

And that’s all-to-the good, of course.  More than a couple of times I’ve given my “holler-looyers” at some of the updates if I felt so inclined.  #GodIsGood

With me, however, the messenger can [sometimes] be just as important as the message.

There’s someone who I all but stopped talking to after a certain point because of the kind of person she was:  Bullying, manipulative, a source of drama, selfish, argumentative, condescending, vengeful, and rude.  I could go on.  For as long as I was around her, I basically kept her at arms length, because I never found her trustworthy.  Ever. [And she’s proven me right.]

Once it got to the point where we no longer had to be around each other as much, I cut off most contact with her.  I didn’t like who she was as a person, so I felt it unnecessary to stay in touch.  We’re still Facebook friends though, but she’s one of the “friends” I don’t typically interact with.  [Actually, I have about 650 facebook friends, but I only regularly talk to like 12 of ‘em.  LOL!  I’d assume that’s true with most people, yes?  I digress.]

Seeing her Facebook updates, though?  You’d really think they were two different people.  They’re filled with scripture and how she’s a prayer warrior and praying for this and praying for that and just all very Holy-Rollerrific.  At first, I  found it funny and I would issue regular side-eyes like like the following –> O_o.

I know that she comes from a religious family, and she probably believes everything she says when it comes to her faith.

But, still, having gotten to know her…

As a person…

I had to stick with my first response –> O_o

What can I say?  People do change.  And maybe she’s bettering herself since I last talked to her.  Lawd knows I ain’t perfect, either, but her case was just… NIGHT and DAY.  JECKYLL and HYDE.  I kid you not.

A lot of people tend to side-eye folks who they know as being one way in real life, but are holy-rollers [or WHATEVER other persona they take on] on the internets, just like I did.  Some people may have, indeed, seen the error in their ways and may be trying to change for the better.  Everybody takes their own journey.

So, I recognize that maybe I shouldn’t judge.  I can accept that.

But, I’ll surely sum up with my two cents on the matter:  Nobody expects you to be perfect, but your character speaks as much as, and sometimes more so than, your faith.  You can climb on the rooftops with a bullhorn & preach the word better than T.D. Jakes n’em, but if you suck as a person, your message is instantaneously drowned out.

Keep that in mind before you play the Jesus card.

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