A Little Patience.


I remember it well.  The time: December 2010.  The place: My desk.

I wrote this letter to Santa referencing the above photo asking him for a new iPod.  Mine was old, out of date, and out of room for new music.  I didn’t complain, for I loved my iPod.  It went with me everywhere and jammed on the one.

But I felt I was due for an upgrade, so I asked.  We have not because we ask not, right?


Santa left me hanging last Christmas.  I chalked it up to him being short-staffed.  Prolly laid off a few elves and, as a result, some of us fell through the cracks.

It’s cool.  I wasn’t bitter.  I just kept my lil’ iPod and kept on steppin.

Little did I know, Santa didn’t forget about me.  As I mentioned in my last post, Apple had a recall on my generation of iPods (circa 2005).  I sent mine back… and they sent me…


It got it in the mail on Tuesday.  Shout out to Apple for sending me this new Nano with no prompting and at no charge.  I am definitely a satisfied customer.

…But I know who’s really behind this.

*high fives Santa*

Ohhhh, you!

Happy 2011!

2010 went by like a complete blur.  It started off rather rocky for me, but I seem to have gotten a little bit more footing towards the end of the year.

If this past year has been any indication, it’s that I have no idea what to expect in 2011, but I’m looking forward to it anyway.  Life’s an adventure, right?

A few things I know for sure that I want to do:

Explore Chicago more – When I moved to LA, I was BRAND new.  I knew nothing about the city, had no friends there, and didn’t even have a job.  Thus, I was forced to put myself out there a lot.  Y’all, I was in a little bit of everything.

I took dance classes, writing classes, went to networking functions and social gatherings and parties and karaoke nights and bowling get-togethers visited different churches, I brunched, I took road trips… I was all over the place & loved every minute of that!

My social life was poppin, I found a job in the industry that I went to get a job in, I made a lot of friends who I now consider extended family, and created a lot of good memories.

Being back home, well, I think has made me socially lazy.  I think because I’m from here, my family’s here, and I’m “comfortable” here, I haven’t done much outside of what I already know.  As a result:  not having as much fun.

I need to treat Chicago as if I’m brand new.  Find out what the city has to offer again.  Get a life!  I always say “I left my social life in LA.”  I really did.  So, I need push myself again and re-establish a social life here.  [I think for a while I was just in denial that I would be here this long, but that’s neither here nor there. lol!]

Write, Write, Write! – I plan to submit spec scripts to the NBC, Disney, and Nickelodeon programs this year, dab-nabbit!  Which will require me to watch more current scripted television.  [I tend to watch “A Different World” reruns on TV One… and that’s about it.]

Pictures? – I haven’t decided yet, but I’m considering stepping out from behind the computer and being more willing to post pictures of myself on my blog.  I’m always terrified of too much internet exposure these days, so I shy away from too many pics of me just floating around the internet.  But, I get inspired by the pics of others on their blogs, even though they tend focus more on fashion and/or hair.  Clearly, this blog specializes in neither.  And, plus, my camera kind of sucks…

You know what… maybe I won’t.

Never mind.

Forget I said anything.

Anywho, y’all be safe tonight!  Have fun & spend it with the ones you love. :)

Happy New Year!

Christmas PJs.


That’s right.

I wear these pajamas every Christmas Eve and they rock socks.

What. #youdontwantnone

From me & mine to you & yours, wishing you a very blessed & Merry Christmas [Kwanzaa, or Hanukkah]!

Happy Turkey Day!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

I’ve got friends who love me.

A family that loves me.

I’m healthy, relatively happy, and I didn’t screw up my assigned dish this year [because you can bet your bottom dollar I’d never hear the end of it if I did].

I have so many reasons to be #thankful & some that I take for granted.  Today, I’m filled with gratitude.  I hope you all are, too.

Happy & Blessed Thanksgiving peeps!

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